Abt Associates’ Evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative


During 2017, departments within Los Angeles City and County, along with the community’s homeless service providers, were actively engaged in efforts to scale up the community’s response to chronic homelessness. The community has aligned around a housing and service gap analysis that has been released annually for the past two years. With the development of expenditure plans for Proposition HHH and Measure H and the design and implementation of new and expanded programs, stakeholders are working to improve the functionality of PSH development mechanisms and supportive services models. These increased efforts are necessary but are not yet proving to be adequate. In February 2018, LAHSA released an updated Countywide homeless housing gaps analysis indicating that the PSH housing gap for individuals had increased from 14,708 units—as reported in LAHSA’s 2016 housing gap analysis—to 21,275 units.19 Accelerating PSH development and bringing more voucher and service resources online rapidly will be a critical focus for the next two years.

Key Achievements Timeline:
Scaling Up the Resources


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